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Hastings Tapes (limited vinyl LP)


It all started in 2008. Chris and James Kimber, two musicians from Hastings, England loved our busking and promptly bought one of our first demo CD's. We became firm friends, made music together, and in 2013 we visited them for the first time in Hastings. We played the local pubs together and made recordings at their home studio. Many more visits - and lots of new recordings later, we finally decided to make a record.

But beware, those songs might sound quite a bit different as they are recorded analogue with a classic tape machine, like you originally did in the 60s. And you can literally feel the 60s vibe in it.

Hastings Tapes will be available from March 26th and only a limited number of 500 copies will be sold. The record comes along with a special 'polaroid' cover that reveals its secret only when treated with warmth.



1 Come On

2 Morning Sun

3 Remember

4 Holes In My Shoes

5 Lovely Rosita


6 Jamming At The O-Ton

7 China

8 Twisting

9 Summer Time

10 Fee Fy Fiddly Oh

11 Don't Go Yet

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